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Cubelamp details

In the foyer, as well as in the Directorís room, the cube was used as an element of design. Tubular lamps made the 12 edges of the cube and the same as the Direktorís room, fitted into cubic sockets. An angle profile finished cube served as a construction help. The sockets were fixed to the corners of the construction help. This cube was suspended on 4 wires about 1,60 m each from a square frame. In addition this frame was suspendet 12 cm from 4 ceilings cubes which were arranged in a manner similar to the wings of a windmill. The lamp construction included visible wiring at the ceiling. The China insulators were arranged in a group of 3 squares. These were realized in different colours and most likely had the function of a 3-step switch. The connections were joined at all 4 corners of the frame from which the squares were suspended at a right angel.

    Verkabelung an der Decke mit den Porzellan-Isolatoren   Detail Knotenverbindung